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Min-Chih Miao

Name & Title

Min-Chih Miao





(02) 28610511 #35311


Ph. D. in Education, National Chengchi University


Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management


Chinese Culture University Department of Business Administration Professor


Chinese Culture University Department of Business Administration Associate Professor (1992/08/01-2004/08/01)

National Taipei Nursing College

Associate Professor (1991/08/01-1992/07/31)


Chang, Huo-Tsan, Liao, Shang-Chih, Miao, Min-Chih, Huang, Xiu-Hui, Huang, & Hsu, Hung-Ming. (Accepted). The effect of person-organization, person-group, person-job and person-supervisor fit on retention tendency, Academic Fora.

Chang, Huo-Tsan, Chou, Yu-Ji, Miao, Min-Chih, & Liu, Jia-Wen (Accepted). The effect of leadership style of on service quality: Enrichment or depletion of innovation behavior and job standardization. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (SSCI, IF: 2.181)

Lin, Shao-Lung, & Miao, Min-Chih (2017). The effects of emotional labor : Does supervisors’ customer-orientation traits matter? Organizational and Management, 10(1), 131-158. (TSSCI)

Miao, Min-Chih, & Lin, Shao-Lung (2016). Does job control buffer the effect of cognitive demand on affective commitment? A re-examination of Karasek’s Model. Journal ofHuman Resource Management,16(4), 59-80. (TSSCI)

Miao, Min-Chih, & Lin, Shao- Lung (2015). The interactive effects of job demand and control on burnout and Engagement: The role of function of social support. Journal of Management & Systems, 22(3), 339-359. (TSSCI)

Miao, Min-Chih, & Shih, Chuan-Feng (2015). The influence of workload and family demand on work-family conflict: The moderator of proactive personality. Journal of Business Administration, 105, 79-100.


Conference Paper

Chang, Huo-Tsan, Liao, Shang-Chih, Miao, Min-Chih & Huang, Xiu-Hui (2018, Dec). The effects of person-organization, person-group, person-job, and person-supervisor fit on retention tendency. Academic for  International Conference, Osaka, Japan.

Chang, Huo-Tsan, Chen, Tsung-Yao, Miao, Min-Chih, & Hso, Jui-Yu (2017, Dec). The influence of R & D person’s passion type on innovation behavior: The mediating effect of positive and negative moods. Tokyo 23rd International Conference “ Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities-BESSH-2017”, Tokyo, Japan.


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