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Sue-Ling Lai

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Sue-Ling Lai

Associate Professor


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·  Ph.D. in Statistics, Temple University, USA.

·  M.S. in Statistics, Temple University, USA

·  B.S. in Statistics, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan.


Big Data Analytics, Econometrics, Quantitative Methods, Management Science, Decision Analysis.


· Associate Professor
Department of International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, August 1994 – Present.

· Statistical consultant / Research assistant
Department of Psychiatry / Institute for Survey Research, Temple University, USA,

August 1988 – May 1991.

· Lecturer/ Graduate Assistant
Department of Statistics, Temple University, USA,

January 1986 – May 1988.


Journal papers (English):

  1. Hiep-Hung Pham, Sue Ling Lai, Quan-Hoang Vuong (March 2019). The Role of Subjective Task Value in Forming Satisfaction and Loyalty Among Vietnamese International Students: A Structural Equation Model. Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (Published online) (SSCI).
  2. Sue Ling Lai, Hiep-Hung Pham,Hong-Kong To Nguyen, The-Cuong Nguyen and Anh-Vinh Le (January 2019).Toward Sustainable Overseas Mobility of Vietnamese Students: Understanding Determinants of Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty in Students of Higher Education. Sustainability, 11(2) (SSCI).
  3. Hiep-Hung Pham, Sue Ling Lai (November 2016). An Investigation of the Determinants of Vietnamese Overseas Student Loyalty. Journal of Studies in International Education, 20(5), 454-471 (SSCI).
  4. Ming Liu, Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Sue Ling Lai* (June 2016). Dynamic Interrelationship among International Tourism, Economic Growth,and Energy Consumption in Taiwan. International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science & Technology (ISSN 1473-804x Online, ISSN 1473-8031 Print), 17(25) (EI).
  5. Sue Ling Lai*, Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Punrawee Kanyasathaporn, Ming Liu (November 2014). The Causal Relationship between Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Hong Kong. Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, 32(1): 235-248 (EI).
  6. Sue Ling Lai, Kung Hsing Chen (February 2016). The Role of Multi-media Kiosk Service From Consumers' Perspective. Journal of International Management Studies (JIMS), Vol.11, No.2.
  7. Sue Ling Lai*, Le Huyen Trang, Kuo-Cheng Kuo (September 2015). Causal Relationship among Debt, GDP and Inflation in France.International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics (DOI:10.6148/IJITAS.2015.0803.02), 8(3) pp.171-190.
  8. Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Benchawan Poomlamjiak, Sue Ling Lai* (March 2014). The Causal Relationship between Gross Domestic Product, Exports, Energy Consumption, and CO2 in Thailand. International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics (IJITAS), 7 (1), 47-67.
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  13. Chi-Ya Chang, Sue Ling Lai (May 2012). Applied Situated Learning Theory to Investigate Effect of Global Warming Awareness Education in College - Quantitative Case Study with Experimental Design. Advanced Materials Research, 524-527, PP.2490-2495 (doi:10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR). ISSN:3380-3383 (EI Compendex).
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  16. Sue-Min Lai, Milton Alter, Gary Friday, Sue Ling Lai, Eugene Sobel (January 1998). Disposition after Acute Stroke: Who Is Not Sent Home from Hospital? Neuroepidemiology 17:21-29 (SCI).

Journal papers (Chinese):

  1. Sue Ling Lai, Hsiu-Yun Chang (June 2012). Does Taiwan’s Foreign Investment in China Cause Hollowing-out of Taiwanese Industries? Journal of e-Business 14 (2), PP. 233-256 (TSSCI).
  2. Sue Ling Lai, Shu-Hui Shih, Hong-Yi Tsai (November 2010). A Research on the Dynamic Relationship between Economic Factors and Crime. Central Police University Police Science Bimonthly 41(3), PP.125-152.  
  3. Sue Ling Lai, Hsu-Ju Teng (December 2007). The Effectiveness Evaluation of Taiwanese Demographic Policies - The Analysis of Intervention Model 12(2), PP.19-39.
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  6. Sue Ling Lai, Jia-Zhen Ni (December 2004). A Study on Modeling the Relationship between the Economic Development and the Demand of the Life Insurance Market in Taiwan. Business Review 9(2), PP. 1-27.
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  8. Sue Ling Lai, Chun-Min Kuo (May 2003). The Impact of 921 Earthquake for International Hotels in Taiwan-Intervention Model. Journal of Tourism Studies 9(1), PP. 123-135.

Conference papers (English):

1.  Whei–Li Lu, Sue Ling Lai (2016/06/23-26). Passenger Loyalty Determinants for Low Cost Carrier in Income Segmentation. 2016 ATRS WORLD CONFERENCE. Rhodes, Greece.

  1. Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Benchawan Poomlamjiak, Sue Ling Lai (2014/04/22). The Causal Relationship between GDP, Exports, Energy consumption, and CO2 in Thailand. The 10th International Conferenceon on MNEs - Global Regional Economic and Management Strategies (2014). Taipei, Taiwan.
  2. Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Punrawee Kanysathaporn, Sue Ling Lai (2013/07/06). The Causal Relationship between GDP, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Hong Kong. 2013 Asia Pacific School of Business and Management Symposium, Sapporo, Japan.
  3. Donny Bagus Prasetya, Sue Ling Lai, Ming Liu, Kuo-Cheng Kuo (2013/4/27-29). Tourism, Export, and Economic Growth: Granger Causality Analysis on Indonesia. The First Annual International Scholars Conference in Taiwan 2013; Taichung, Taiwan
  4. Kuo-Cheng Kuo, Sue Ling Lai, Aldo Garcia (2013/4/26). The Causal Relationship between Economic Growth, Exports, Tourism and Electricity Consumption: Evidence from Mexoco. 2013 International Conference on International Trade and Business Administration (ICITBA 2013). Taipei, Taiwan.
  5. Sue Ling Lai, Le Huyen Trang (2013/4/26). The Granger Causality Relationship between GDP, Inflation and Government Debt-evidence from Greece. 2013 International Conference on International Trade and Business Administration (ICITBA 2013). Taipei, Taiwan.
  6. Sue Ling Lai, Juang-Horng Chueh, Wen-Chieh Huang (2011/03/28-30). The Effect of  Domestic Production on Import Volume - Evidence of Taiwan’s Copper-zinc Based Alloys. The 9th International Conference on Multinational Enterprise Conference: Management Strategies of MNEs for 21st Century. Chinese Culture University, R.O.C.
  7. Sue Ling Lai, Juang-Horng Chueh (2010/6/16). The Innovation in Modeling the Import Demand. Proceedings of TIIM 2010 Conference. Pat Taya, Thailand.
  8. Sue Ling Lai, Tai Hua Wu (2006/03/14). The Impact Assessment and Modeling of Mainland China’s Trade on Taiwan’s Import and Export - Analysis of ARIMA Transfer Function. The 8th Multi-national Enterprises Conference. Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  9. Sue Ling Lai, Chung Min Kuo (2004/07). The Impact of Intervention Events on the International Hotels in Taiwan; Asia Pacific Tourism Association Tenth Annual Conference. Japan.

Conference papers (Chinese):

  1. Du-Nin Chen, Sue Ling Lai (2018/11/30). A study on Relationship between Human Development and Environmental Sustainability. The 17th National Taipei University of Business Academic Forum: Seminar on "Life, Technology, Environment, Sustainable Management" in General Education. Center for General Education of National Taipei University of Business. Taipei, Taiwan.
  2. Sue Ling Lai* (2018/05/18). Assessing the Effect of Economic Development on the Sustainability of Environmental Development - Linear and Nonlinear Quantile Regression. 2018 TIIBS - The 7th Business and Management Symposium: New Thinking of Management Driven by Big Data. Taiwan Institute of Marketing Science/Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Science, Ministry of Science and Technology. Taipei, Taiwan.
  3. His-Hsu Kan, Sue Ling Lai (2017/04/22-24). Behavioral Finance for Empirical Analysis of Stock Market Price Fluctuation Arbitrage-Application of Panel Data Model. 2017 TIIBS - The 6th Business and Management Symposium: A new management framework in the Big Data era. Global Branding and Marketing Research Center/Taiwan Institute of International Business Studies. Taipei, Taiwan.


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