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Keng-Hsiang Cheng

Name & Title

Keng-Hsiang Cheng

Assistant Professor


Ph. D. in Business Administration, Nation Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan, R.O.C.  


  1. Assistant Professor, Department of International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, R.O.C. (September, 2013-Current)
  2. Visiting Researcher in Carroll School of Management of Boston College, USA (Jul., 2011-Apr., 2012)
  3. International Business Program in University of Applied Sciences Würzburg,Germany (Mar., 2005-Aug., 2005)


Periodical Papers

  1. Chiao, Y.C., Huang, C.J., Cheng, K.H. , & Ting, J.Y., (2017), “How do Followers Respond to the Leader’s Competitive Actions? The Moderating Effect of Multimarket Contact”, Journal of Management and Business Research, 34(4): 467-490. (TSSCI)
  2. Chiao, Y.C., Cheng, K.H., Lin, K.H., & Yeh, S.C., (2017), “The Mediating Effect of Internal and External Network Resources on Internationalization and Performance”, Journal of Contemporary Management, 8(4): 18-33.
  3. Chiao, Y.C., Cheng, K.H., & Hsu, S.M., (2013), “FamilyMart: Responses to competitive rivalry in the convenience store market in Taiwan”, Asian Case Research Journal, 17(2): 339-358. (接受時為SSCI)
  4. Cheng, K.H., Chiao, Y.C., Shih, H.Y., Lee, T.Y., & Cho, T.S., (2011), “Agglomeration and competition among Chinese cities: An investigation of Taiwanese High-tech firms’ foreign direct investment”, Growth and Change, 42(4): 517-548. (SSCI)
  5. Chiao, Y.C. & Cheng, K.H, (2011), “The Coexisting Relationships between Cooperation and Competition within an Outsourcing Network— The Case of Tai Wei Casting Enterprise Co., Ltd.”, Industry and management forum, 13(2): 80-93. (TSSCI)
  6. Lee, Tai-Yu, Chiao,Yu-Ching*, Shih, Hsin-Yu, Chiu, Yi-Chia, Cheng, Keng-Hsiang, and Cho, Ta-Shun ,2010,The Sequential FDI Trajectory of Taiwanese MNEs in ChinaA Social Network Analysis Approach, NTU Management Review, 21,1,pp83-112. (TSSCI)


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