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Chia-Lin Hsu

Name & Title

Chia-Lin Hsu

Associate Professor




Ph. D. in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Service Marketing, E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Consumer Psychology and Behavior


Published Papers (2016-2019):
許嘉霖、楊台寧、鄭婕盈*、游志青及潘彥蓉 (2019,接受),人格特質、個人價值觀及態度對加入假日農夫意願之研究。中山管理評論【TSSCI
2. Chang, K. C., Hsu, Y. T., Hsu, Chia-Lin, Sung, Y. K. (2019). Effect of tangibilization cues on consumer purchase intention in the social media context: Regulatory focus perspective and the moderating role of perceived trust. Telematics and Informatics, 44(November), 101265.SSCI
3. 許嘉霖、鄭婕盈*及吳念庭,(2019,接受)。應用S-O-R架構探討影響顧客對於企業使用 綠色包裝之滿意度及忠誠度之因素。品質學報【EI Compendex
4. Chang, K. C., Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Hsu, Y. T. and Chen, M. C. (2019). How green marketing, perceived motives and incentives influence behavioral intentions. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Service, 49(July), 336-345.SSCI
5. 許嘉霖、于立宸與趙心怡美容,(2019)。美妝線上品牌社群體驗如何增進使用者之體驗價值、態度及持續使用意圖,管理評論,第38卷,第4期。【TSSCI
6. Chen, M. C., Hsu, Chia-Lin*. and Wu, H. S. (2019. Develop the healthcare logistics service with Kano model. Journal of Quality, 26(1), 1-22.EI Compendex
7. Chang, K. C., Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chen, M. C. and Kuo, N. T. (2019). How a branded website creates customer purchase intentions. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 34(4), 422-446.SSCI
8. Hsu, Chia-Lin*. and Chen, M. C. (2018). How gamification marketing activities motivate desirable consumer behaviors: Focusing on the role of brand love. Computers in Human Behavior, 88, 121-133.SSCI
9. Hsu, C. L., Lin, Y. H., Chen, M. F., Suraphatchara, K. (2018). Understanding foreign students’ continuance intention toward mobile telecommunication service: An integrated theoretical model. International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies, 9(2), 93-1180.EI Compendex
10. Hsu, Chia-Lin*. and Chen, M. C. (2018). How does gamification improve user experience? An empirical investigation on the antecedences and consequences of user experience and its mediating role. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 132, 118-129.SSCI
11. 許嘉霖*、陳曉天、戴依、于立宸、許庭齊,(2018). 影響遊客造訪意願之決定性因素:以網站品質、心流體驗及SoLoMo態度延伸科技接受模式,品質學報,252期,89-105頁。【EI Compendex
12. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chen, M. C. and Kumar, V. (2018). How social shopping retain customers? Capturing the essence of website quality and relationship quality. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 29(1-2), 161-184.SSCI
13. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chen, Y. C., Yang, T. N., Lin, W. K. and Liu, Y. H. (2018). Does product design matter? Exploring its influences in consumers’ psychological responses and brand loyalty. Information Technology & People. 31(3), 886-907SSCI
14. Chen, M. C., Chang, K. C., Hsu, Chia-Lin, & De Leon, G. A. V. (2018). Investigating the impacts of guanxi and relationship marketing in port logistics: Two cases. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 20(4), 603-623.SSCI
15. 許嘉霖*、陳曉天、邱威勳,(2017),旅遊部落格行銷對遊客重遊意願之影響:心流體驗與滿意度為中介變數,品質學報,24(6)391-410EI Compendex
16. Hsu, Chia-Lin, Yu, L. C. and Jing-Ran Charng (2017). Elucidating website loyalty and its antecedents in a gamification context: Considering flow experience as a moderator. ICIC Express Letters, Part B Applications. 8(7), 1069-1076EI Compendex
17. Ya-Ti Hsu, Chang, K. C., Kuo, N. T., Hsu, Chia-Lin and Chih-Hao Wang (2017) How the effects of loyalty programs, relationship benefits, and relationship quality create customer loyalty? The case of Taiwan Starbucks coffee. Journal of Quality, 24(2), 131-158.EI Compendex
18. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chen, M. C. and Lin, Y. H. (2017). Information technology adoption for sustainable development: green e-books as an example. Information Technology for Development, 23(2), 261-280.SSCI
19. 許嘉霖*、郭國興、謝艾芸、湯其潔,(2017),實用與享樂價值對於行動應用程式的滿意度與持續使用意圖之影響:心流體驗與知覺好玩為中介角色,品質學報,24(3)191-201.EI Compendex
20. Hsu, Chia-Lin, Chen, Y. C., Yang, T. N., and Lin, W. K. (2017). Do website features matter in an online gamification context? Focusing on the mediating roles of user experience and attitude. Telematics and Informatics, 34(4), 196-205SSCI
21. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Yu, L. C. and Chang, K. C. (2017). Exploring the effects of online customer reviews, regulatory focus, and product type on purchase intention: Perceived justice as a moderator. Computers in Human Behavior, 69, 335-346. SSCI
22. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Lin, Y. H., Chen, M. C., Chang, K. C., Hsieh, A. Y. (2017). Investigating the determinants of e-book adoption. Program: electronic library and information systems, 51(1), 2-16.SSCI
23. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chang, C. Y. and Yansritakul, C. (2017). Exploring purchase intention of green skincare products using the theory of planned behavior: Testing the moderating effects of country of origin and price sensitivity. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 34, 145-152.SSCI
24. Lin, Y. H., Hsu, Chia-Lin, Chen, M. F. and Fang, C. C. (2017). New gratifications for social word-of-mouth spread via mobile SNSs: Uses and gratifications approach with a perspective of media technology. Telematics and Informatics, 34(4), 382-397.SSCI
25. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chang, K. C., Kuo, N. T. and Cheng, Y. S. (2017). The mediating effect of flow experience on social shopping behavior. Information Development, 33(3), 243-256.SSCI
26. Hsu, Chia-Lin*, Chen, M. C., Kikuchi, Kazuo. and Ippei, Machida (2017). Elucidating the determinants of purchase intention toward social shopping sites: A comparative study of Taiwan and Japan. Telematics and Informatics, 34(4), 326-338.SSCI
27. Chang, K. C., Chen, M. C., Kuo, N. T., Hsu, Chia-Lin and Cheng, Y. S. (2016).  Applying data mining methods to tourist loyalty intentions in the international tourist hotel sector. Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, 27(2), 271-274Scopus


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