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Yu-Hsiang Lin

Name & Title

Yu-Hsiang Lin

Associate professor






Da En Building 928


Ph. D. in Marketing, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Big Data Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Psychology


Assistant Professor, The department of Business Administration, Tungnan University


Academic Publish / Research (2014~2019)

English Journals

  1. Hsu, C. L., Lin, Y. H.*, Chen, M. F., Suraphatchara, K. (2018), Understanding Foreign Students’ Continuance Intention toward Mobile Telecommunication Service: An Integrative Theoretical Model, International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies, 9(2), 93-118. (EI)
  2. Hsu, C. L., Chen, M. C., and Lin, Y. H. (2017), Information technology adoption for sustainable development: green e-books as an example, Information Technology for Development, 23(2), 261-280. (SSCI)
  3. Lin, Y. H., Hsu, C. L., Chen, M. F., and Fang, C. H. (2016), New gratifications for social word-of-mouth spread via mobile SNSs: Uses and gratifications approach with a perspective of media technology, Telematics and Informatics, 34(4), 382-397. (SSCI)
  4. Hsu, C. L., Lin, Y. H., Chen, M. C., Chang, K. C., and Hsieh, A. Y. (2016), Investigating the determinants of e-book adoption, Program, 51(1), 2-16. (SSCI)
  5. Lin, Y. H., Fang, C. H., and Hsu, C. L. (2014), Determining uses and gratifications for mobile phone apps, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 309, pp.661-668. (EI)
  6. Hsu, C. L., Chen, M. C., Lin, Y. H., Chang, K. C., and Hsieh, A. H. (2014), Adopting the Extension of UTAUT Model to Investigate the Determinants of e-book Adoption, Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Information Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ISEEE 2014), Vol. 2, pp. 669-673, IEEE Press, April 26-28, 2014, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan. (EI)
  7. Lin, Y. H., and Su, K. N. (2014), Customer engagement on Brand Fan Pages: An Examination of the Effects of Social Media Marketing, Taiwan Journal of International Business Studies, 8(1), 23-56.

Chinese Journals

  1. 林郁翔*、任立中(2019),品牌粉絲專頁之社群情感氛圍初探,管理與系統,第26卷,第1期,頁79-112。(TSSCI)
  2. 林郁翔(2017),社群經濟下之行動社群廣告、口碑順序與情緒關係研究,管理評論,第36卷,第3期,頁43-68。(TSSCI)
  3. 林郁翔、林孟彥、陳冠程(2016),應用使用與滿足觀點探討虛實口碑傳播者之口碑動機差異-以六項產品/服務為例,服務業管理評論,第14期,頁22-48。
  4. 林郁翔、劉傑滔(2016),整合RFM和CAI工具分析顧客價值—超市大數據資料應用,創新研發學刊,第12卷,第2期,頁1-13。
  5. 林郁翔、游文婷(2014),創新擴散模型下的動態網路口碑傳播者-以電影產業為例,行銷科學學報,第十一卷,第一期,頁1-36.
  6. 林郁翔、江浩平(2014),為什麼人們要社群購物?整合動機、沈浸與顧客價值理論之實證研究,資訊電子學刊,第六卷,第二期,頁53-63。


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