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Department of International Business Administration
Come together- We would hold your hands!!!


Chinese Culture University in Taiwan insists a commitment of love and devotion to students.

Many members of the faculty have been recommended for excellence in teaching.

Many of them are leaders in education, industry, business, government, and foundations.

Dr. Wann-Yih, WU

Dr. Ming Liu

Dr. Whei-Li LU

Dr. Hui-Fun, YU

Dr. Kuo-Cheng KUO

Dr. Tien-Wei ,LOU

Dr. Chi-Ya,CHANG

Dr.Chung C. CHANG

Dr. Shou-Wei, CHANG


Dr. Chi-Ya, CHANG

Dr. Wen-Gong HSIEH

Dr. Yung-Chang, WANG

Dr. Yenhuang CHEN

Dr. Ruey-Meng, HWANG

Dr. Huey-Ming LEE

Dr. Yueh-Hsia Huang

Dr. Gu-Hsin, LAI

Dr. Hsien-Kuang, FANG

Dr. Wen-Yu Chen

Dr. Kuang-Heng, SHIH

Dr. Jia-Jiann,CHUANG

Dr. Wan-Rung, LIN

Dr. Dwen-Ren TSAI

Dr.Yung-Chang, WANG

Dr. Jin-Fa Hwang

Dr. Jinn-Yang Uang

Dr. Chong-Yen, LEE

Dr. Wen-Yu Chen

Dr. Wu-Chang, LOU

Dr. Yenhuang CHEN

Dr. Hsiu-Ching CHIU

Dr. Sheng-Te CHOU